Profiles: Clare

Holy Shit, it has been over a year since I made a blog post! For that I sincerely apologize to you all, but a lot has gone on in that time concerning both me and my photography. Short version of it is that I kind of just took a long time to evaluate how I wanted to approach photography or if I wanted to even continue. I have considered myself in a creative "rut" for about the last two years so creating photos has been kind of a weird thing for me as of late. Even though I have not been shooting a ton I have still been shooting when the mood strikes me and now am to the point where I feel like I am going to be shooting regularly again, but a little different this time. I am really just going to shoot the things that I enjoy. I got very hung up on "making it" as a photographer and because of that I lost a lot of the initial excitement and curiousity that fueled me to experiment and try new things with my work. I was constantly worried about likes, who would see my work, and the best way to get my name out there. In talking with people who are close to me about my work over the last year I realized that the work I do is special not only to me, but to the people who are involved in it as well. So thanks for viewing this and reading this if you are! 





I know Clare from IG. She used to work in a shop here in Fredericksburg that had some cameras that I would also go check out or buy the occasional roll of film. Meeting up with her I did not really know what to expect, but who I met was a bright and fun individual who is very conscious of who she is and how that fits into the scheme of things around her. She is adventurous and I hope that shows in her photos. She is navigating life in a way that isn't one of complete control, but more taking life as it comes and  being able to learn and grow from those experiences which I can identify with a lot. We had a lot of great non-photography related conversations on this session and it is what spurred me to start this profile series. Hope you enjoy the photos! If you are interested in being a part of my profiles series just shoot me a message! I want to meet as many people as possible! Let's hang out and take some photos.